Day: November 26, 2015

Giving thanks today … and every day

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Today, and every day, we’re thankful for our many donors, who help us provide equine-assisted counseling for our clients at an affordable price.

Thanks, too, to the board of directors, who volunteer their time to ensure our nonprofit can thrive.

On this day, however, some people are sad and in need of help to cope with being away from family, away from friends. Some are alone by choice.

If you or someone you know needs a shoulder, a helping hand, an attentive listener, consider The PEACH Pit. We help you help yourself, partnering with our horses to do so.

Come join us at the barn.

The Home Depot helps The PEACH Pit

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broken lawn cart wheel and axle.
This is what I wanted to repair or replace.
new wheels and axle.
Someone at The Home Depot in Warner Robins, Ga., made this as a replacement.
A dump cart strong enough to hold several bags of horse feed or hay or whatever.
The manager at The Home Depot in Warner Robins tossed in this dump cart for free after reading about The PEACH Pit’s mission. He said it was a gift for all we do.