Day: November 27, 2018

A basic need

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What’s the most important basic need: food, shelter, good physical and mental health, clothing?

If you had to give up one, which would it be? Many would keep food, shelter and clothing, until they absolutely had to focus on the health part.

What if you didn’t have to choose?

At The PEACH Pit, we believe good mental health is as basic a need as food, that no one should have to choose between any of the basic needs.

That’s why we’re a nonprofit.

We use an equity plan, giving everyone the opportunity to have a stake in their care:

  1. How much is your monthly income?
  2. How much are your expenses?
  3. What’s left?
  4. Of the amount that’s left, how much can you afford to pay each week for services – without financial strain?

Where does the fee balance come from?

Donations, grants, gifts all help us provide affordable mental health care to our clients who may struggle with the choice.

Please consider donating to The PEACH Pit. Every penny donated helps provide a basic need: mental health care.

Donate today.


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Macon’s CBS affiliate, WMAZ, provided coverage of The PEACH Pit’s recent community demonstration of horses as therapists. You can watch the videos and read the story by clicking on each picture.

Thanks to equine specialists Paige Jobe and Sarah Schelkoph for working the demo, and to Robert Jackson for his invaluable help before, during and after the session.

A miniature horse in an outdoor arena.
Horse therapy provides comfort for those struggling
Gwendolyn Coley prepares for the free demo of horses as therapists.
Gwendolyn Coley prepares for the free demo of horses as therapists.