How can I help?

You can decide how you want to help.Donate Button with Credit Cards

If you want to donate money, here’s how we might use your contribution:

  • To reduce the cost of therapy sessions for clients.
  • To provide free therapy sessions for clients.
  • To buy feed (grain) for the horses.
  • To buy square bales of Bermuda or alfalfa hay, or round bales of hay.
  • To pay for annual vaccinations for the horses.


Everything you donate will help reduce fees.

You can help in other ways, too. Are you a farrier? A horse trainer? Someone who just wants to help groom the horses? Contact us if you have services that can help us keep cost down and provide affordable care.

Come join us at the barn.

One Comment on “How can I help?

  1. I am willing to donate: my time, trailer horses, uses of my barn in South Bibb County, and will consider monetary donations. I have a pony and a TWH that are very people friendly and a lot of experience trail riding, working with people, adults and children. I retired last year as President of Ga Guard Credit Union .


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