Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is EAP?

A: EAP stands for equine-assisted psychotherapy.

Q: What happens during therapy?

A: During EAP sessions, you’re able to try out new behaviors and patterns with the horses in a supportive and safe environment.

Q: Where do you conduct therapy?

A: We conduct therapy sessions in an arena or a round pen large enough to accommodate several horses. So, dress for the outdoors.

Q: How can equine-assisted therapy help me?

A: True change and results occurs when you realize you have the power to change yourself and, therefore, the world and relationships around you.

Q: Do I have to get on the horse?

A: No, but on occasion, sessions may include rhythmic riding, which is an especially good fit for clients with dual diagnoses, such as Reactive Attachment Disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Q: What is rhythmic riding?

A: Rhythmic riding combines body mechanics and critical thinking skills while improving self-esteem through learning to ride a horse as independently as possible.

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