Think you have PTSD? You’re not alone

Answer five questions. Call us if your score is 3 or higher.
Answer five questions. Call us if your score is 3 or higher.

Today is PTSD Screening Day — a day we mark to spread the word about self-screening. If you think you may have PTSD, take this self-screen, or share it with someone you know who is concerned they may have PTSD. 

We don’t always know how to talk about a trauma or what it’s been like since the event. The online self-screen is a few yes-or-no questions about how you’ve been feeling. Your responses are private and are not collected or shared. 

Why Self-Screen? 

Taking a self-screen can be a good way to open a conversation with a health care provider. You can print your results to share with a provider to help them decide whether you should be assessed for PTSD or other conditions. Either way, knowing what is causing your symptoms is a step toward taking control.   

If you think you might have PTSD, you’re not alone. There are PTSD treatments that work. So, why wait?

Going through a traumatic event is not rare. At least half of Americans have had a traumatic event in their lives. Of people who have had trauma, about 1 in 10 men and 2 in 10 women will develop PTSD.

Take the self-screen. Call The PEACH Pit at 478-827-3224 to chat about your results.

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