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Virtual tour of The PEACH Pit

spider web and horse

Join us for a virtual tour of The PEACH Pit.

Manure happens: Procrastinate no more

  Well, federal friends, today is officially the last day of the Combined Federal Campaign. You’ve wanted to give and have kept putting it off because stuff kept getting in the way. Manure happens. Today is the day to give to The PEACH Pit, CFC… Continue Reading “Manure happens: Procrastinate no more”

On Giving Tuesday, or any day, give (please)

The PEACH Pit’s primary goal is to provide affordable mental health care for those in need. We believe no one should have to struggle to pay for this basic need. On this day, please consider helping us help others. We know you have many… Continue Reading “On Giving Tuesday, or any day, give (please)”

We won!

The PEACH Pit has received the Strategic Star Award as an agency providing exemplary service and support to Veterans. The award was presented March 19 during the Georgia DBHDD’s annual conference in Columbus, Ga. The goal of this year’s Department of Behavior Health and… Continue Reading “We won!”

A basic need

What’s the most important basic need: food, shelter, good physical and mental health, clothing? If you had to give up one, which would it be? Many would keep food, shelter and clothing, until they absolutely had to focus on the health part. What if… Continue Reading “A basic need”

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