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horse eyeHorses respond with unique insight into exactly who we are in the moment. They’re reflectors of our true selves because their very survival depends on reading us right.

It takes courage to ask for help. Be courageous. #youfirstdemo #firstresponder #eagala

Free demos for first responders

FirefightersTwo Middle Georgia facilities are hosting events to demonstrate how horses can help first responders build resiliency and overcome traumas in a stigma-free arena.

The PEACH Pit demonstration is 4-6 p.m. Sept. 10 in Fort Valley, and Spirit’s Quest’s demonstration is 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sept. 24 in Roberta. The demos are part of the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association’s global “You First” campaign.

The goal of the You First campaign is to help first responders gain a better understanding of how to help themselves. The demo is open to all first responders in the area and is closed to the public and media.

The campaign in the U.S. and Canada will be in September, historically recognized as National First Responder Month. We’ll provide meals, to show our appreciation for our first responders.

To register, contact The PEACH Pit by Sept. 5 at 478-827-3224 and Spirit’s Quest by Sept. 19 at 478-319-5344.

To learn more about The PEACH Pit, visit www.thepeachpitgeorgia.org. To learn more about Spirit’s Quest, visit www.spiritsquest.net.

#youfirstdemo #firstresponder

Putting yourself first

First responders – paramedics, law enforcement officers, firefighters, corrections officers, disaster assistance teams, emergency department staff and others – dedicate their lives to helping others in crisis, sometimes at their own peril.

However, because of the stigma associated with getting help, they may not seek therapy to cope with divorce, stress, traumas and the pressures of living up to our hero expectations.

  • In the U.S., twice as many police officers commit suicide as are killed in the line of duty.
  • By October 2014, 25 Canadian first responders had killed themselves – 13 in 10 weeks.
  • Three New York firefighters who helped rescue 9/11 victims completed suicide within a year.
  • A police sergeant who rescued four victims at the bombed Oklahoma City federal building completed suicide.
  • A paramedic who helped rescue baby Jessica McClure from a well later killed himself.

It takes courage to ask for help. Be courageous. #youfirstdemo #firstresponder

Be courageous

Our burdens can follow us — even without our knowledge. Even light burdens can be troublesome. Don’t let them drag you down. It takes courage to ask for help. Be courageous. #youfirstdemo #firstresponder

Easy way to double your investment

If someone told you that you could double your investment just by asking, would you consider it?

Some employers give $1 for each $1 you donate to charity.
Some employers give $1 for each $1 you donate to charity.

Well, some employers match employee charitable giving dollar for dollar. You give $50, the employer donates $50 to the charity. You give $100, ditto.

Now, not all match dollar for dollar, but many will donate something, even for your volunteer hours.

What does this mean?

If your employer provides matching funds for your donations to The PEACH Pit, we’re able to provide more clients with low-cost mental health therapy, with our horses as co-therapists.

We’re a 501(c)(3) public charity, which means you’ll get a tax break, and when your employer matches your donation, our clients benefit, too.

Check out the list on our matching funds page to see if your employer is there. If not, ask your human resources department about adding us. You can also donate your unused rewards points through you credit card, American Express among them.

Every penny of your donation goes to direct client care.

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