Giving thanks today … and every day

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Today, and every day, we’re thankful for our many donors, who help us provide equine-assisted counseling for our clients at an affordable price.

Thanks, too, to the board of directors, who volunteer their time to ensure our nonprofit can thrive.

On this day, however, some people are sad and in need of help to cope with being away from family, away from friends. Some are alone by choice.

If you or someone you know needs a shoulder, a helping hand, an attentive listener, consider The PEACH Pit. We help you help yourself, partnering with our horses to do so.

Come join us at the barn.

National Adoption Month


Youth who age out of foster care may lack the support they need to thrive. November is National Adoption Month, and more than 100,000 children and youth in the U.S. foster care system are waiting for adoption.

Anyone—and everyone—can help.

Meet some of the kids on the AdoptUSKids website.



Macon’s CBS affiliate, WMAZ, provided coverage of The PEACH Pit’s recent community demonstration of horses as therapists. You can watch the videos and read the story by clicking on each picture.

Thanks to equine specialists Paige Jobe and Sarah Schelkoph for working the demo, and to Robert Jackson for his invaluable help before, during and after the session.

A miniature horse in an outdoor arena.
Horse therapy provides comfort for those struggling
Gwendolyn Coley prepares for the free demo of horses as therapists.
Gwendolyn Coley prepares for the free demo of horses as therapists.

Are you a federal employee? Choose us as your CFC charity

If you’re a federal employee and looking for a charity for your CFC donations, consider us at The PEACH Pit. Our CFC number is 27220.

The PEACH Pit Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation that works to help you help yourself. Our mission is to tap into the naturally reflective nature of horses to help you overcome obstacles to a happy and healthy life. To help you help yourself.

Our vision is to ensure you feel emotionally and physically safe enough to allow a horse to serve as part of your counseling and therapy team so you can walk away from the experience feeling more empowered to make changes.

All proceeds go directly to providing services to our clients.

Thanks for your support.

The PEACH Pit gives back (pill bottle campaign)

Container with empty pill bottles

With help of dozens of donors, The PEACH Pit recently provided about 500 empty pill bottles to a volunteer organization in Guatemala. In some areas of that country, doctors dispense medicine in plastic bags, and we wanted to change that.

Now, we’re collecting more bottles to help provide more sanitary means of giving out medicine. Your donations can help us ship empty medicine bottles to the doctors and nurses who volunteer to provide free care to the Guatemalan people.


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