This just in: CFC reopens

In a rare move, the Combined Federal Campaign has reopened through June 30 for federal employees and retirees to help charities in these hard times.

Charity number 27220

The PEACH Pit sure could use your help! Our CFC number is 27220.

In these crazy times of the COVID-19 pandemic, The PEACH Pit team has put the horses out to pasture, and we have sheltered in our respective homes. Thus, we haven’t seen clients face-to-face in almost a month.

That also has meant little income that ultimately will help us provide affordable mental health care services.

We mostly rely on donations to help those who have financial challenges. This special campaign will bring in funds to help more people when we reopen.

Here’s what the CFC Special Solicitation says:

  • One hundred percent of the gifts made in this campaign will go to charities (without a distribution fee). 
  • Funds pledged will be paid out to charities by the 15th day of the month following receipt of the pledge.
  • If you didn’t pledge by payroll deduction in fall 2019, you can make a payroll-funded gift through the CFC.
  • Donors who did pledge by payroll allotments last fall can make additional donations with electronic credit, debit, or ACH gift on the CFC giving platform or the mobile app.

This is your opportunity to do even more, if you are able, to help The PEACH Pit during this difficult year.

Please add us to your pledge basket: 27220. Thank you for helping The PEACH Pit help others.

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