Be the face of change: Every bit helps

Recently, I went to mail a letter and was 20 cents short. As I turned to walk out of the post office — because I didn’t have 20 cents on me — a woman said, “I have it. Here.”

You can be the face of change: CFC, Combined Federal Campaign.

The smallest gesture. In that moment, she was a lifesaver, the face of change, even if it was only 20 cents.

If you’re a federal employee, in the military, a federal/military retiree, you can be that face of change for others in need. Donate to charities through the Combined Federal campaign. No amount is too small to give. Every little bit helps charities help others.

We would be honored if The PEACH Pit was your charity of choice. Our CFC number is 27220. Your donations will help us continue to provide low-cost mental health care to our clients.

You can make an online pledge to make a one-time or recurring donation. Donations can be made via credit card, debit card, or bank transfer.

Again, our CFC number is 27220. Thanks for considering us. Scan the QR code below to begin.

Scan this QR code to donate.

Hey, feds. Here’s another opportunity to give via CFC

The Office of Personnel Management has approved a special solicitation and has opened the Combined Federal Campaign online pledge portal and mobile giving app from now through June 30 to accept supplemental, one-time or recurring donations.

The PEACH Pit is an approved CFC charity (CFC #27220), and donations can be made via credit card, debit card, or bank transfer.

This is an opportunity to help even more if you are able. If you did not make a recurring pledge from your annuity during the 2019 campaign, you have the additional opportunity to pledge via payroll allotment.

Thanks for helping us help others.

Virtual tour of The PEACH Pit

spider web and horse

Hey, federal friends. In case you’ve wanted a tour of The PEACH Pit before committing your pretax dollars through CFC, here’s your chance. Even if you’re not a fed, we hope you enjoy the tour.

Once you’ve finished the tour, head over to your agency’s CFC donation portal and search for The PEACH Pit either by name or CFC #27220. If you’re a retired fed, go to and search for The PEACH Pit either by name or CFC #27220.

If you’re not a fed and want to donate, you can donate online, too.

A virtual tour of The PEACH Pit

Give back on Giving Tuesday

Women Veterans at The Horsepower and Heroes Retreat at The PEACH Pit


That’s the number of daily deaths by suicide among Veterans and active duty servicemembers.

What if you could help reduce that number? You can.

The PEACH Pit offers equine-assisted psychotherapy to help people come up with solutions to their problems. Our services are not just for Veterans, but we have a soft spot for our military members.

Veterans and service members often hear, “Thank you for your service” and may not truly feel valued. They may not feel worthy of the gratitude. They may not know what to say in response.

What if you could do more than say those words? What if you could safe a life? You can.

No amount is too small to give, and you may get a tax deduction.

Giving to The PEACH Pit could help save a life. Donate today.

Help us help Veterans.


8 free sessions for Veterans

The PEACH Pit has again been funded to provide eight free individual or family equine-assisted psychotherapy sessions to Veterans and active duty servicemembers who have experienced a trauma and has a disabling condition.

We have five locations in Georgia so far: Fort Valley, Conyers, Dawsonville, Eatonton and Winder.

These services are being provided by the VA Adaptive Sports Grant, awarded to Eagala (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association) and is being administered through Eagala’s Military Services partner organizations. 

Call us at 478-827-3224 or send an email to for more information.

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