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Got dreams?

Sometimes your dreams seem topsy turvy. Sometimes they seem to be way out of reach. We get so far behind that we don’t realize we’re even still dreaming.  And then, sometimes it seems like our dreams get so far ahead of us. Things seem… Continue Reading “Got dreams?”

Manure happens!

Manure happens to everybody, and when it happens, we’re here for you. The PEACH Pit, 478-827-3224.

Video: Got a few minutes? Learn about us

The PEACH Pit and Spirit’s Quest partner to provide equine-assisted psychotherapy, learning sessions, camps and demonstrations in Middle Georgia.

The PEACH Pit gives back

Campers learn about caring for horses and how to ride them

Volunteers from The PEACH Pit helped children from Reconciliation House summer camp learn to care for horses before taking them on short horseback rides around the campgrounds.

Students with severe Asperger’s gets help from a horse

  From American Overlook As you know, animal therapy is a highly effective way for people to deal with traumatic experiences and other difficulties. Some veterans from war have found life easier with service animals for therapeutic reasons. But a ground-breaking form of animal… Continue Reading “Students with severe Asperger’s gets help from a horse”

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