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Navigating COVID-19 together

Understandably, the novel coronavirus pandemic has many people concerned. As we all navigate the impact of COVID-19, we’ve made some decisions about events at The PEACH Pit to keep our visitors, therapists and clients safe. We’re postponing the Horsepower and Heroes Retreat, scheduled for… Continue Reading “Navigating COVID-19 together”

Video: Horsepower and Heroes Retreat news coverage

This nonprofit organization is bringing a different kind of therapy to Central Georgia By Taylor Drake, WMAZ Published: 10:51 PM EDT May 6, 2019 FORT VALLEY, Ga. — At the end of a dirt road off of River Road in Fort Valley sits a… Continue Reading “Video: Horsepower and Heroes Retreat news coverage”

We’ve been busy

A black horse has its nose near a woman's nose. The woman has white hair.

Spring has been busy for The PEACH Pit: We hosted three events from April 12 through May 3. Whew! First up was our Renew and Reconnect Retreat for women. Cathy Woods Yoga facilitated the retreat, which included physical and emotional parallels between yoga and… Continue Reading “We’ve been busy”

A basic need

What’s the most important basic need: food, shelter, good physical and mental health, clothing? If you had to give up one, which would it be? Many would keep food, shelter and clothing, until they absolutely had to focus on the health part. What if… Continue Reading “A basic need”

Calling all federal employees

If you’re a current or retired federal employee, please consider donating to The PEACH Pit.

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